Friday, 28 June 2013

I have connected my pi to the home network - that happened yesterday - and today I realized a '0' should be a '1' and the network in turn connected me to the Internet.

I thought this would be the easy part, not a week of hassle.  I may rest on my laurels for a bit now while I try to remember what I had planned to do with the little scoundrel once it was up and running.

One thought though.  I do think the Web is a magical place.  There's a vast library of documentation out there, from classic books to how-to-play-with-a-pi, at my fingertips.    And there are many people who are Happy to Help, for no good reason other than the urge to be helpful, and the pleasure of seeing someone else get a little further along in something they're trying to do.

I must remember that the next time I'm cursing the Virtual World for being full of intemperate thoughtless bullies and nincompooops.

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